15 Feb 2023

Notorious Federal Prison Unit to Close

On behalf of Jasti & Khandhar   |   Criminal Justice Reform

A long overdue day has finally arrived. The federal Bureau of Prisons is closing the Special Management Unit at Thomson penitentiary in Illinois. The unit is notorious for being one of the deadliest in the federal prison system, generating frequent reports of violence and abuse. The closure comes on the heels of reporting by NPR and The Marshall Project, which pointed out five suspected homicides and two suspected suicides had occurred in the unit since it opened in 2019. Learn more here.

22 Dec 2022

Wisconsin’s “fetal protection” law, Act 292, has led to the investigation of around 400 pregnant people for alleged “unborn child abuse”. Exposing people to criminal penalties for seeking healthcare is another step backward for a state which is already struggling under the weight of mass incarceration and a backlog of defendants awaiting public defenders. Learn more here.