Your Criminal Record Should Not Define You

If you have a criminal charge or conviction on your record, you have probably had difficulty finding a job, housing and education options. Carrying a black mark with you forever is not fair, and your past should not define you. Expungement may be the best option to clear your record and secure a bright future.

The defense firm of Jasti & Khandhar, located in Madison, has over 25 combined years of criminal defense experience. We have helped many of our clients expunge a broad range of charges and convictions. We firmly believe that you deserve a fresh start after surviving the criminal justice system. By getting your record expunged, you can have just that.

What Are The Two Types Of Expungement?

There are two forms of expungement in Wisconsin:

  • Expungement of court records: This means that the court will seal your record, which prevents anyone from viewing it without a court order.
  • Expungement of arrest records: This form of expungement is available if you were arrested but not convicted. If the court dismissed the charges or acquitted you, you may be eligible for expungement.

However, the criteria for expungement are very strict. Currently, our state will not expunge your court records unless:

  • You were under age 25 when you allegedly committed the crime.
  • The crime’s maximum potential sentence was six years imprisonment.
  • You successfully completed your sentence.

The attorneys at Jasti & Khandhar can determine whether you qualify for expungement. We will work closely with you to complete the steps to clear your record. We understand this complex process and will assist you at every turn.

Learn If You Can Expunge Your Record

We cannot determine whether you qualify for expungement until we speak to you. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, contact our Wisconsin office. You can call 608-572-7052 or send us an email.