Everything You Need To Know About Bail After an Arrest

Bail is confusing and scary for people who find themselves behind bars after an arrest. Terms like “bail” and “bond” are often misused and misunderstood, and coming up with hundreds or thousands of dollars to get out of jail can feel like an insurmountable obstacle.

Luckily, you can turn to us for answers to your questions about bail. At Jasti & Khandhar, we will provide the skilled defense you need to protect your rights, reputation, and future. That begins with protecting your freedom by fighting for reasonable bail and conditions. No matter what charges you face, you can rely on us to explain your options and prepare you for the road ahead.

Wisconsin Bail FAQ

How does the court commissioner determine cash bail?

The court commissioner will take various factors into account in an effort to determine what amount of cash is necessary to secure someone’s appearance at future court dates. A high level felony is more likely to correspond with a high dollar amount as there is greater incentive for a defendant to flee in order to avoid serious consequences of a potential conviction.

What are “bond conditions”?

Bond conditions are the rules you must follow while you are out on bail. Violating the conditions can result in you finding yourself right back in jail. Common bond conditions include not contacting witnesses or alleged victims, attending all required court appearances, and abstaining from using drugs and alcohol.

Do I have to come up with all of that money up front?

Yes and no. For example, if the court commissioner sets the bail at $1,000 cash, then $1,000 in cash must be paid in order to secure your release. If the commissioner sets the bail at a $1,000 signature bond, then you can secure your release by signing an agreement that you will pay $1,000 if you violate the terms of your release.

Do I get my money back?

Yes, for the most part. Any money that has been posted for bail will be returned within a matter of weeks after the criminal case is resolved. However, any money owed for restitution or court costs can be taken out of the cash posted, with the remainder being returned to the persona who originally posted the cash.

Can I obtain a bail bond to cover my bail costs?

No. Bail bonds are not an option in Wisconsin.

What value does a lawyer bring to the bail process?

Commissioners have a lot of discretion in determining bail costs and conditions. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make a strong case on your behalf in order to influence the court commissioner’s decision. Being released on bond is only part of the equation, as unreasonable bond conditions can greatly affect your life. For example, what good is being out on bond if you are unable to go to your home, drive your car, or spend time with your children? A good lawyer can make sure you are able to return to your normal life while you prepare for your defense.

Let Us Help You Make Sense of the Bail Process

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