Protecting Your Rights Before and After Trial

There is much more to criminal defense than the trial. What takes place in the lead up to trial and once a verdict has been rendered can be just as important to your life as what takes place in the courtroom.

At the criminal defense firm of Jasti & Khandhar, our attorneys combine for more than 25 years of experience. We focus on protecting the rights of our clients throughout the process, including pre-trial issues and expungements.

Pretrial Issues

The primary pretrial issue facing a defendant after arrest is bail. Conditions placed on bail are just as important as the actual dollar amount that is set by the court commissioner. We will fight to protect your interests, including seeking reduction of your cash bail as well as favorable conditions that do not limit your ability to go to your home, drive your car, or spend time with your children. Learn more.


A criminal record can follow you long after you have served your sentence. Having an arrest or conviction appear on your record can result in failed background checks for employment, housing, and more. We work to expunge court and arrest records because we believe our clients deserve a fresh start after surviving the criminal justice system. Learn more.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Every case is different. The best way to determine how we can help you with your pretrial or postconviction issue is to speak to us directly about your circumstances. You can reach our Madison office by calling 608-572-7052 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with an attorney