Experienced Federal Defense Lawyers

Federal crimes are different from crimes prosecuted by the state of Wisconsin. Federal investigations tend to be much more complex, detailed and consequential. If you are facing federal charges, you want attorneys who understand the complexities of defending clients against these allegations.

At Jasti & Khandhar, we have extensive experience representing clients charged with criminal offenses. We know how to gather information to counterbalance a federal investigation against you. If your case proceeds to court, we have the tenacity and knowledge to aggressively defend you before a judge or jury.

We have the ability and experience with criminal matters to defend clients facing a broad range of charges, including:

  • Gun crimes
  • Armed robberies
  • Assault on Federal employees
  • Federal drug offenses, including smuggling and trafficking
  • Illegal reentry after deportation

You may feel terrified about the criminal charges levied against you. Our team will do everything in its power to defend your rights.

Federal Penalties Are More Severe Than State Penalties

The sentences for federal charges are much more drastic than those of state-level crimes. Judges and prosecutors in the federal system may have less discretion when it comes to negotiating plea bargains or issuing sentences. Federal courts may also use mandatory minimum sentences, which often impose much harsher sentences than the offense may deserve.

Because you face such severe consequences, you must work with strong defense attorneys. As one of the criminal defense firms in Wisconsin that handles federal cases, our lawyers will mount an aggressive defense, working to obtain the best outcome in federal court for your specific circumstances.

Time Is Crucial — Contact A Lawyer Immediately

Time is of the essence in federal cases. The federal government may already have started its investigation against you. Contact Jasti & Khandhar to begin your defense as soon as possible. Call our Madison office at 608-572-7052 or send us an email.