3 Nov 2022

People do not cease to be human once they are arrested or convicted; they continue to have medical needs while behind bars. It is important to ensure that incarcerated people who are transgender receive the gender-affirming care they need. They should not have to resort to lawsuits to obtain treatment for gender dysphoria.


26 Apr 2022

Unfortunately, the drop in prison population is not due to things like compassionate release or sentencing reform. One of the primary reasons is criminal cases taking longer in the courts and other delays associated with the pandemic.


5 Jan 2022

There is bipartisan agreement that the state’s correctional system is in trouble. Our prison population is unsustainably large due to over-prosecution. Throwing money at the problem will only be a short term resolution and will take funds away from the community. It’s time to find a new solution that does not involve mass incarceration.