1 Apr 2021

Jury Trials Resume in Dane County

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Jury trials were suspended by the state Supreme Court last March, due to the spread of COVID-19. However, they are now set to resume in Dane County on June 1st. This determination has been finalized by Dane County judges. 

Certain cases will be prioritized over others. When prioritizing cases, factors such as “ongoing incarceration, victim issues, severity, age of the cases, and public safety” will be taken into consideration.

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1 Apr 2021

In Wisconsin, the risks of getting behind the wheel while under the influence are widely discussed. However, what is not often detailed is the fact that prescription and over-the-counter medications can actually land you a Wisconsin OWI.  

According to The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, legal prescription and over-the-counter medications can lead to impaired driving. These medications include antidepressants and even allergy medicines. View more information here.

If you are seeking aggressive OWI defense, contact Jasti & Khandhar. An effective attorney is paramount when your freedom and reputation are both in jeopardy. 

18 Mar 2021

Building You a Successful Defense

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During an arrest, there are violations that could occur which may contribute to a beneficial defense. Individuals such as law enforcement officers and judges are granted a lot of power by governmental agencies. It is paramount to ensure they do not abuse this power.

Anyone acting under this delegated power should not deprive anyone of their rights. Examples of violations include use of excessive force, and illegal search and seizure.

A skilled criminal defense team has the experience and skills necessary to identify when your rights were violated during an arrest, in order to add leverage to your case.