15 Jan 2021

The incident at Congress was tragic to say the least. Several officers sworn to protect did not do their job. One officer, however, went above and beyond to protect Congress and the Senators inside. Officer Eugene Goodman will receive the Congressional Gold Medal for his work that day. He may have been the only person standing between the mob and the U.S. Senate.

15 Dec 2020

Badger Institute Survey of WI Police Departments

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The Badger Institute has conducted a survey of Wisconsin police departments’ processes used when disciplinary actions against police offers are issued. The survey most intensely focuses on Madison and Milwaukee police departments, with findings that transparency at Madison police departments regarding police discipline processes very much surpasses the transparency at Milwaukee police departments. There is also much work to be done regarding police departments’ transparency across the entire state.  

Regarding the disciplinary processes statewide and the highlighted deficiencies in Milwaukee police departments’ disciplinary transparency, many solutions are offered in the Badger Institute’s report titled, “How to Make Police Discipline Fair, Quick, Transparent and Decisive”. Solutions offered include extending Act 10 to police, extending probationary periods, eliminating arbitration and ensuring details of police misconduct are accessible to citizens across the state.

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1 Dec 2020

UW Law School’s LAIP Program

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The UW Law School’s LAIP (Law School’s Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons) program is one of the few programs in the nation that allows advocates for compassionate release of incarcerated people with terminal illness to prevent them from dying alone behind bars. This program re-examines an incarcerated person’s case once they are diagnosed with a terminal illness to ensure that the punishment still fits the crime. This initiative hits home for our firm as Attorney Payal Khandhar was a proud participant of the program during law school.

20 Nov 2020

“Superpredator” Myth

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The term “Superpredator” was coined by John J. DiIulio Jr. in November 1995 which began the demonization of an entire generation of black youth.  This article brilliantly outlines the timeline with which the media falsely identified young black men as a danger to society.  The media needs to acknowledge the mistakes that were made and apologize.  Only then, can we begin to repair the harm that was caused.