7 Oct 2022

Update to Tear Gassing Laws and Regulations

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Common Council has declined to pass a ban on chemical agents for controlling crowds. Now, Madison will require a review when police decide to use tear gas to manage large groups. We will be watching to see how this affects the rights of lawful protesters in Madison. https://www.wpr.org/madison-will-require-reviews-when-police-use-tear-gas-control-crowds

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19 Sep 2022

Sheriffs across the state continue pushing undocumented citizens straight from jail to deportation. Under the Biden administration, the “jail-to-deportation pipeline” has slowed, but not enough. Click here to see the latest updates. https://www.wpr.org/sheriffs-statewide-are-working-ice-pushing-many-straight-jail-deportation

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25 Aug 2022

Wisconsin in the midst of a constitutional crisis. Those accused of crimes without resources to hire an attorney regularly languish in jail waiting for legal representation as the State works to clear a backlog of an estimated 35,000 pending cases. Overcriminalization and a prosecution-oriented approach to public safety across the state have overwhelmed an already […]

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