7 Dec 2022

Super Lawyer Murali Jasti

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If you are facing a criminal charge, you need to hire an attorney you know will defend you tirelessly in the courtroom. Hiring a Super Lawyer is the perfect solution for you.

How are Super Lawyers Selected?

Super Lawyers uses a ” patented multiphase selection process (U.S. Pat. No. 8,412,564) to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource when searching for legal counsel.”

Our Super Lawyer

Attorney Murali Jasti has been selected as a 2022 Super Lawyer! Murali boasts a successful criminal defense history where he believes in his clients. Jasti believes that “The role of a good defense attorney is to ensure that your side of the story is told, that your character and good acts are not forgotten, and that ultimately you are given the consideration and justice you deserve.”

If you are searching for a compassionate and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, Murali Jasti is your solution. He will stand by your side through thick and thin to see you receive the justice you deserve.

1 Dec 2022

Older people can still pose a threat to another person, regardless of how old or mentally capable they are. For example, when a police officer is called on an older person, the interaction may escalate quickly due to simple confusion or difficulty following the officer’s instructions. Since Dementia and Alzheimer’s can make it difficult for people to communicate, confusion can seem aggressive if the person is overwhelmed or afraid. Learn more here.

23 Nov 2022

Sadly, opioid deaths have been steadily increasing since 2018 and reached another record high in 2021. In the last year, over 1,400 people have died from opioid overdoses in Wisconsin. It is important to realize that many people charged with drug crimes are victims themselves. Our criminal justice system should not focus on punishment alone; rehabilitation and helping people overcome addictions is a crucial part of ensuring that justice is served. Learn more here.