26 Apr 2022

Unfortunately, the drop in prison population is not due to things like compassionate release or sentencing reform. One of the primary reasons is criminal cases taking longer in the courts and other delays associated with the pandemic.


14 Apr 2022

Can the police search your property? No, with some exceptions. The police are required to obtain a search warrant to search your property, including your car, computer, backpack, purse, or wallet. They can search without a warrant if you consent to a search after a traffic stop or allow them into your home. You should never speak to the police without an attorney present, regardless of your innocence.

8 Apr 2022

When it comes to the national conversation on criminal justice and police reform, it is important to make sure it is built on a foundation of facts. While police departments say demoralized police officers are quitting in large numbers due to reforms, the facts says otherwise.