29 Mar 2022

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has been updated to included prolonged grief as a recognized mental disorder. This could have implications in criminal cases involving defendants who are suffering from prolonged grief after experiencing trauma.


24 Mar 2022

No. You should never speak to the police without a criminal defense attorney present, even if you are innocent. Many people — even those who have done nothing wrong — accidentally incriminate themselves. If the police wish to speak to you, even if you are under arrest or in detention, invoke your right to remain silent until you have a lawyer.

17 Mar 2022

After a century of failed attempts, the United States Senate has passed an anti-lynching bill. When signed into law, it will amend the federal criminal code by making lynching a federal hate crime.


17 Mar 2022

It is time to question the false choice between safety and criminal justice reform. Increased punishment is not the answer to every question, or the solution to every problem.