25 Jan 2022

It is imperative that rising crime rates not be used to take away rights from individual defendants. Having a skilled defense lawyer is a must when facing criminal charges in such an environment.


18 Jan 2022

“This incident is now being exploited by some to promote a dangerous narrative that seeks to reverse years of positive criminal justice reform.” We couldn’t agree more.


11 Jan 2022

Lawmakers have proposed a bill that would require a $10,000 minimum bond for defendants who have previously committed a felony or violent misdemeanor. The outrage over the Waukesha parade tragedy could result in a step backward for bail reform in Wisconsin. This impulsive political response will create more problems than it will solve.

5 Jan 2022

There is bipartisan agreement that the state’s correctional system is in trouble. Our prison population is unsustainably large due to over-prosecution. Throwing money at the problem will only be a short term resolution and will take funds away from the community. It’s time to find a new solution that does not involve mass incarceration.