18 Mar 2021

Building You a Successful Defense

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During an arrest, there are violations that could occur which may contribute to a beneficial defense. Individuals such as law enforcement officers and judges are granted a lot of power by governmental agencies. It is paramount to ensure they do not abuse this power.

Anyone acting under this delegated power should not deprive anyone of their rights. Examples of violations include use of excessive force, and illegal search and seizure.

A skilled criminal defense team has the experience and skills necessary to identify when your rights were violated during an arrest, in order to add leverage to your case.

10 Mar 2021

In Wisconsin, if you are convicted of first-degree intentional homicide, it is a Class A felony. The consequences are harsh, as they include a minimum of 20 years in prison. Following this, you could get a life sentence.

The lawyers at Jasti & Khandhar understand that good people make mistakes, and that accusations do not spell out guilt. If you are unfairly charged with homicide, this will result in a life behind bars. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for homicide, you need an aggressive criminal defense. 

3 Mar 2021

A technology called Cellhawk is utilized by police departments throughout the nation. The Madison Police Department is one of them. 

This powerful and rather invasive technology allows law enforcement to examine private facts such as who cell phone users talk to and what they say. 

Cellhawk also allows for an examination of cell phone users’ location. All of this information is gathered when certain criminal cases arise, and no warrant is necessary. View more startling information about Cellhawk via this article.